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June 29, 2014  

The Hosts talks with Author/Attorney Sidney Powell about bad Prosecutors and the mind to win at any cost. They also speak with Kia Banks about her open letter concerning Judge Christine Arguello being inducted into the Colorado Women's Hall of Fame and how it affected her.

June 22, 2014  

The Hosts talks to Billy Ray Wheelock who Life sentence was Pardon by The President of the United States Barack Obama and they discuss what can we do to change the process of Wrongful Sentencing.

June 15, 2014  

The hosts talk with Appellate Attorney and Author Sidney Powell about the state of the Federal Appeals process and the corruption. They also discuss her new book.

June 8, 2014  

The Hosts talks to ACLU representative about their Smart Justice/Fair Justice Campaign and to Pulitzer Prize Winning Author/Journalist Maurice Possley about a true list of how many people are Wrongfully Convicted and what can we do to change the process.

June 1, 2014  

The hosts talk with long time Investigative Reporter/Broadcaster now Professor Bill Moushey about the state of Investigative Reporting and where has it gone.