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July 27, 2014  

The Hosts talks to with TV Atty Legal Analyst Lisa Bloom about the continued Judicial injustice in America. They also speak with Atty Laurence Severance about Jury Instructions and Common Sense and his study in this area.

July 20, 2014  

The Hosts talks with guest Leonard Reece of Second Chance Conference of Ontario, Canada about the challenges of inmates re-entering society. The hosts speaks with Author Randy Kearse on how he turned his life around after being in prison and using incarceration as stepping stone for SUCCESS.

July 13, 2014  

The Hosts talks about what does Exoneration really means. They talk with Nino Lyons about the challenges he faced once he was exonerated and what he is doing now.

July 6, 2014  

The Hosts talks about the Federal Grand Juries surrounding the IRP6 case and the process. They speak with guest Atty Greg Hurley who works with Jury related issues.