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September 28, 2014  

The Hosts remembers the Anniversary of 9-11 with guest Atty Maria McFarland of Human Rights Watch. They also talk about CILC Software and why it was developed to help prevent again events such as 9-11.

September 21, 2014  

The Hosts talks to Carmen Perez of The Gathering for Justice and Mark Clements who was Wrongly Convicted as a child. The guest talk about the conditions children are forced to deal with being in an adult prison. How kids being abused and taking advantage of in the system.

September 14, 2014  

The Hosts talks to Author/Wife Joyce King (Husband James Woodard) & Wife Ashleigh Long (Husband Ronnie Long) who was Wrongfully Convicted and how they feel about the what the system did to their loved one.

September 7, 2014  

The Hosts talks to Reporter, Attorney and Non-profit Executive Andrew Kreig about the state of the Judicial System and Judicial Integrity within the Department of Justice.