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October 26, 2014  

The Hosts talk with Prof Bennett Gershman a recognized expert on Prosecutorial Misconduct & Wrongly Convicted Ronald Cotton. They talk about today's corrupt Judicial System.

October 19, 2014  
The Hosts talks with past guests of the show who give their congratulations on the success/importance of the show. They also review the past 100 shows and the IRP6 case updates.
October 12, 2014  

The Hosts talks with Film/TV Producer Charles Belk who was wrongfully arrested, held for 6 hours before speaking with his Attorney. The host also spoke with Leslie Vass who was the 1st Maryland exoneree.

October 5, 2014  

The Hosts talks with Author Gina McGill and Retired Federal Judge Mary E. Bullock about why people need to get involved and speak out about the Justice System when they see corruption or know something is wrong.