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December 31, 2014  
December 21, 2014  

The Hosts speak with leading New England based Trial Lawyer Norman Pattis, and Activist & Journalist Kris Hermes, who is the founder of the Grand Jury Resistance Project started in 2005 about the Grand Jury process.

December 15, 2014  
The Hosts discuss with our guest Professor of Law, Nancy Marder the role of a juror, jury of your peers, jury instructions and jury nullifications!
December 7, 2014  
The Hosts discuss the Injustice, Protests and unrest going on in Ferguson, MO. They also talk with guests Laura Magnani of American Friends Service Committe and Professor, currently serving Provost Todd Clear at Rutgers University in Newark, NJ. They will be sharing their thoughts on ending mass incarceration in the United States.
December 1, 2014  

The Hosts talk with Arnie Alpert, New Hampshire Program Coordinator, who will be sharing information about our government's federal spending and privatization of prisons in the U.S.